Home  | Affiliates  | Our Products  | About us  | Contact us Copyright 2015 - All rights reserved PRIME SOURCE GROUP f in f in Search... SALABA Cement Products Factory has been established in 2006 to be one of the supplementary branches that plays a vital role in the economical development in the K.S.A, to achive this goal, the factory has been equipped with the highest technological machinery. The factory is operated by selected administrational and technical human experts. To produce services and production of the highest quality that match with Saudi and international standards. CEMENT PRODUCTS INTERLOCK PAVING BRICKS INTERLOCK PAVING BRICKS CRUB STONE CRUB STONE 50 X 30 X 15 CRUB STONE CORNER & CRUB FLOWERS NEW JERSEY BARRIER CEMENT TILE 40 X 40 X 4 PARKING BUMPER